Spotless Features

Here you can find more detailed information about the features of Spotless than that provided on the main product page. Take a detailed look at what Spotless can do!

Auto Tidy

The elegant Autotidy feature will look at the files you’ve dragged (or scheduled) and if it finds any file types it hasn’t encountered before, it will ask you what you’d like to do with them. In no time at all, Spotless will have learned what to do with your files so tidying is simply just a case of drag and drop.

A Helpful Welcome Wizard

On first launch, Spotless can guide you through a few simple screens that make it super easy to get your Desktop and Downloads folder — the most common 'file dustbins' — in shipshape.

Drag & Drop from Anywhere

The simplest way to start organising your files is with Drag & Drop. No matter how deeply buried you are in a folder structure, you can easily organise files by dragging them up to the menu bar Drop Target and Spotless will ask you what you want to do with them.

By default, the Drop target is configured to run 'Autotidy' but you can configure it to any task you like; or have Spotless ask you each time

Scheduled Tidying

Wouldn’t it be great if your folders could tidy themselves? Well... with automation, they can! After you have created a task, you can tell Spotless to automatically run it whenever you wish; set the day, the time and when it repeats. It’s like having the maid clean up after you.

Absolute Power

If you have more specific needs then the Task Manager gives you all the tools you need to drill deep into your hard disk to locate and organise any file in any way you require.

Unlimited Tasks

For all your clean-up jobs

Create as many tasks (or jobs) as you need. A task can be for a specific file type such as 'Organise my Images', or a specific folder such as organise my Desktop; it's really up to you!

Powerful Rules

Target files with pinpoint accuracy

A task can contain as many rules as is required to target just the files you need. Using very simple controls working exactly the same way as 'Smart Folders' in macOS, you can easily pointpoint files and copy, move or delete them as you wish.

Run Silently (or not)

Spotless can process tasks for you in the background with only a change to the menu bar icon giving away that something is happening. Or, you can choose to be notified every step of the way.

Conflict Management

Duplicate files are inevitable and when they surface, Spotless can automatically Skip, Replace, Keep Both, Keep based on Date or as shown, ask you on a case by case basis.

A Complete History

Spotless stores a history of all the tasks it processed and which files were affected. You can find the exact location of the file and choose to put it back to it's original location. Or indeed undo the entire task.

A Powerful Backup Tool

Backing up is hugely important but disorganised backups can make it time consuming to locate that historical file you are looking for. With a full arsenal of powerful rules at your disposal, you can easily create properly organised archives of your important files that make it a breeze to navigate.