Downloading Mosaic...

If your download does not start within a few seconds click here.

Installation Instructions

Once your download of Mosaic has completed, follow these instructions to install Mosaic and you will be up and running in just a few moments.

  • Quit Mosaic if a version is already running on your Mac
  • Open Mosaic.pkg from your Downloads folder
  • Follow the instructions in the Installer
  • Once the installer completes, run Mosaic from the Applications folder
  • Follow the instructions in the Wizard to setup Mosaic
  • If you have purchased Mosaic already, enter your serial number by clicking the Mosaic status menu icon, and choosing Preferences..., and navigate to the License tab

Need Help?

If you experience any difficulties with Mosaic or the installation process, click here to visit our Help Centre. You can also use the floating Help widget at the bottom right of the screen to get immediate support or contact us.