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A busy day never looked so clear

When you’re busy jumping from one meeting to the next your typical calendar isn’t very helpful. It blinds you with a complex user interface. It bombards you with notifications you don’t have time to acknowledge and it expects you to work out time calculations in your head. Not very helpful.

Today on the other hand is designed to give you the information you actually need with ZERO SETUP; what’s now, what’s next and what’s just around the corner. Arriving to meetings late or unprepared will be a thing of the past.

Version 1.1

Requires iOS 8.2 or above

Compatible with iPod, iPhone and iPad
Supports Apple Watch (optional)

You Day at a Glance

Viewed in portrait, the events in your day are clearly listed and those that require your focus are colour coded. As the day passes and events get ever closer, they automatically update and keep you informed without having to do anything. Just keep Today docked on your desk or Apple Watch on your wrist and arriving late or ill prepared will be a thing of the past.

Today - Portrait

By rotating your iPhone into landscape you can see a more tranditional timeline view. It uses the same colour coding so in either orientation, everything is clear.

Today - Landscape

If you are using iPhone 6 Plus (or an iPad), Today will utilise the larger screen by offering you a split view

Today - Landscape

Sometimes the most convenient place find out what’s happening is on iOS’s Notification Center. Today has that covered too.

Today - Landscape

NewsWatch Video Review

"Great idea, beautifully executed. A productivity power tool."

App Store Reviewer


Using Today on iPad is perfect for when you are plugged into your desk. It’s like having a second monitor that dedicated to your day.

Today - Landscape

Split view enables you to compose email or work on other documents and still have your day at a glance where you need it.

Today - Landscape

iOS Features

Automatic Synchronisation with your iOS Calendar App

Customisable timing, colour and alerts

iPad split landscape mode

Slide over and split view for iPad

Notification Centre Today widget

Zoom functionality in landscape chart view

Apple Watch

Today works seamlessly with Apple Watch. So even in scenarios where it’s inconvenient to keep your iPhone open, you will always be kept informed of what’s now, what’s next and what’s coming up.

WatchOS Features

Automatic Synchronisation with your iOS Calendar App

Works as a standalone app or as a Glance

Add a Today ‘Complication’ to any watch face

Ready for a smarter calendar?

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