Professional Window Management

for macOS

The Gold Standard in Window Managers

Once you've experienced the intuitive power of Mosaic, you'll never go back. Take Mosaic for a test drive today and find out for yourself.

  • macOS 10.11 or higher

Get Productive

Reposition and resize your applications with ease, transforming multi-window chaos into a productive suite of tools.

When you want to work on two or more documents at the same time, manually resizing and repositioning windows into a grid can be a chore.

With Mosaic, a simple drag and drop action (or keyboard shortcut) is all you need to make multitasking the joy it always promised to be.

Seamless macOS integration

Mosaic has been meticulously designed to feel like an integrated component of macOS — and not like a standalone app. The result is a seamless and intuitive experience that feels as good to use as it looks.

The Row View can be positioned anywhere on the y-axis of your desktop for optimal positioning.

The Column View can be positioned anywhere on the x-axis of your desktop for optimal positioning.

The Grid View is centrally positioned on your desktop.

The Docked View hangs off the Menu Bar for a beautifully small and discreet view.

Quick Layout allows you to define a custom layout on-the-fly and apply it to the currently active window.

Fully Customisable Layouts

Rather than limit you to a list of simple preset layouts, Mosaic lets you create any layout you like with a powerful suite of layout creation tools. You can simply paint a layout on a grid or achieve absolute control with numerical constraints.

Basic Layouts

Simple yet extremely flexible.

Basic layouts work by enabling you to divide your screen into a grid and you define a layout by simply painting an area on the grid.

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Advanced Layouts

The ultimate in precision and power.

When you need a window to be an exact size at a specific location on your desktop, Advanced Layouts give you all the control you need.

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Streamline your workflow

As there is no limit to the number of layouts you can create in Mosaic, you can find yourself with dozens of layouts — many of which you only need for specific scenarios. With Layout Groups1, you can organise your layouts to suit specific workflows and by switching between them, filter out those you don’t need.

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Groups for every occasion

You can create as many groups as you like and assign a single layout to as many groups as you like. Don't use workflows? No problem — use Groups to organise your layouts into types such as 'Small Windows'.

Layout Extras

Little widgets that make life so much easier

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Window Capture

If you need to capture the current window as an image, you can easily copy it to the clipboard or save it to your hard disk.

Quick Positions

Take the current window and just move it into any of the screen corners or centrally onto a screen edge.

Quick Layout

When you find that you don't have the layout you need, use Quick Layout to define one on the spot.

Multi-Display Support

If you've got 2 or more displays attached to your Mac, Mosaic has you covered. Basic Layouts automatically adapt to the resolution of each display so no additional setup is required. However, you can assign any layout to a specific display to suit your needs.

Touch Bar Support

With a Touch Bar enabled MacBook Pro, all your layouts are right at your fingertips. If you are a keyboard junky but have too many layouts to realistically assign keyboard shortcuts to all of them, Touch Bar is exactly what you need.

Activate Touch Bar Mode1 with a single keyboard shortcut. The layout you select is instantly applied to the currently active window.

One more thing...

Remote Control for iOS

Don’t have a new Touch Bar enabled MacBook Pro? Don’t worry — just download the free Mosaic Remote1 app and turn your iPhone or iPad into the ultimate workstation accessory.

Perfect Partners

With the Remote Control docked next to your display, simply tap on any Layout Icon and it is instantly and wirelessly applied to the currently active window on your Mac. It is an incredible way of interacting with Mosaic.

1 Requires a Pro Edition License or a Business Edition Subscription.

All subscription plans are charged on a monthly basis. Subscriptions can be changed or cancelled at any time from your account subscriptions page (available after signing up). Cancellations are effective from the next billing date.